Business-analysis of managing systems, processes and structure of the organization, development and implementation of solutions for efficiency and stability of the company
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"...It is used to consider that structure and processes in the company require a development and correction in case the entity achieved the medium size at least. Nevertheless the small companies and just formed organisations apply with the tasks to create a development strategy, the mission and targets of organisation. They need a clear vision - who is doing what and how..."

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Our solutions cover several directions:

  • Goals development and planning. Forming the vision, the mission, the development strategy, the company's policies, targets placement on various levels and their distribution via directions (finance, market, clients, processes, projects, innovations, personnel etc.), the prescription of the strict criterias of their achievement;
  • Business-processes. Analysis and  modeling the business-processes of the Organisation "AS IS", compehensive analysis of the processes and data flows, design of the optimal process-model "TO BE" with orientation on the clients's satisfaction, taking into consideration the established goals of the Organization. Realisation of the plan to shift to the model "TO BE";
  • Organisational structure. Org. structure development and optimisation / same for departments, goals and KPIs distribution, positions assessment and grading, development of working instructions, optimisation of the salary budget;
  • Documents flow.  Documents flow standartisation, development the optimal volume of the necessary documentation, organisation of the general info-portal, the Company structure in it and levels of approval;
  • LEAN Manufacturing.  LEAN Philosophy or «Lean Manufacturing» - the advanced system of the processes organisation of the factory, which allows to reduce the expenses significantly, helps to increase the pace of goods production and procure the control over the processes. This system is used by several international companies successfully; 
  • Operations. Supply Chain flows coordination and planning, the development of the production procedures, working instructions and Standard Operational Procedures. The desciption of communication and interaction with Customers, suppliers and controlling bodies. 

About Company:

The Company "GBS-Consulting" is founded by professionals in the improvement and optimisation area to support the legal entities formation and growth. 12-years experience of successful implementation the world's best practices and managing methods allow us to solve the hard tasks to deminish the expenses and increase the productivity, which face our Clients, to implement and control the production systems and put a personnel motivation on the new level.

"GBS-Consulting" - this is practical consulting and expert analysis of the Enterprise systems - exactly what is required for constant improvement of organisation and increase of its efficiency. Our target is to develope and offer the optimal solution for your business to procure the sustainable evolution and stable progressing.

The experience of business-processes implementation from zero-level in manufacturing companies in different regions - Nizhny Novgorod district, Tatarstan, Kaluga district, Кostroma, Мoscow.

Practical and expert knowledge of different industries - automotive, chemical production, metallurgy, FMCG, biulding materials production, banking, oil sector.

Ability to develope the individual adjustments of managing systems as well as the offers of ready complex solutions.

Support for organisations which did not form their own system approach yet and just plan to define the sales and purchasing policy, to establish the HR, warehouse and accounting, marketing and to engage Clients.

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Sales and marketing/Commercial processes

- Forming sales strategy development
- Definition of targets, parameters and     conditions,  KPIs.
- Elaboration and implementation of the efficient   sales process with focuse on the Client
- Realisation of methods to increase the Client's   loyalty 
- Optimisation of the org.structure for   commercial  processes
- Building the motivation system for sales on KPIs   basis
- Creation methods to manage the debts

Office and administration / Personnel /Finance /Legal

- Implementation tasks definition and tasks   achievement
- Modeling the processes "AS IS" / "TO BE",   realisation of a plan to shift to the optimal   processes
- Optimisation of the org.structure, segregation   of  duties, responsibility and empowerment
- Assesment of the  "weight" of positions,   necessary quantity definition, re-assesment of   salaries
-Elaboration of the motivation system based on   the grades and KPIs
-Detection and elimination of expences in departments, budget of salaries optimisation

Operations /Logistics / Purchasing

- Creation the development strategy of the   Production and supply chain
- Supply Chain design from order placement till   product delivery (order to cash) - purchase   request, approval, purchase order, customs   clearance, stock control and raw materials   replenishment
- Production planning, manufacturing and   packaging, wastes and stock taking
- Delivery and transportation, claims procedure
- Sync with sales forecasts and office processes

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Our experts

Dmitry Shein

Organization development expert.

10-years experience in managing projects related to organisational design and functional development, forming the managing systems based on the motivation, grading and KPIs. Expert in modeling and optimisation of business processes, labor mandatory system organisation. 

Vladimir Sharutin

Business-engineering expert.

15-years experience to lead projects in gas and oil fields companies where the system integration took place.
Experienced in process and project managements, проектного управления, electronic document flow and ERP implementation. Successfully realised projects in automatization, optimisation and engineering of business-processes.

Yaroslav Balandin

Supply Chain and Purchasing Projects Expert.

12-years experience in ERP-systems implementation, optimisation of import and export flows, warehouse and transport logistics, production planning improvemet; systems integration, RFID technology, KANBAN, JIT/JIS implementation. 
Deep knowledge of purchasing and logistics policies and procedures, restrictions and features of transportaton regulations.

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Business-area (sales, production, logistics, admin etc.)

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